Allysha L. Hamber

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Keep It On The Down Low


Meet Arman', a handsome single soldier on the first tour of his enlistment in the military, stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. Like his best friend and fellow soldier, Cory, Arman' has an over powering love of women. When Arman' meets Alicia, a local PX store cashier, he asks her to meet him out for a night of fun. But when Alicia seems more interested in Cory, Arman' hooks up with Terri, a gorgeous, sexy enlisted finance officer. Terri takes Arman' to sexual heights he's never experienced in his life. Arman' soon finds out that Alicia was truly interested in him and he is excited he has caught the eye of his favorite girl. There's only on problem...Terri. How does a man choose between two women? One who satisfies his physical needs while the other one satifies his mind? Tackle these issues and more... here, inside The Down Low.

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