Allysha L. Hamber

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Mimika Avenue II


“The game just ain’t the same no more; it’s every man for themselves.” Mystic thought she had the world at her fingertips with one of the hood’s elite in Spider but she soon found out that playing the game was not only one of chess and chances but survival of the fittest. She was determined to win the heart of a married man and make him her own. When Spider got locked down and needed bond money to come home, those circumstances landed Mystic at the door of one of Spider’s business associates and ended with her in his bed. And although Mystic felt that she was doing whatever it took to bring her man home, Spider saw things very differently. Can he put the rules of the game out of his head long enough to see it Mystic’s way and forgive her… not only for her sake but for the sake of the child she is now carrying... Tee-Tee fell head over heels in love with a fellow hustler, Cocamo. One problem, she was sent to kill him by her boss, Big Slug, his rival in the dope game. Cocamo is usually very guarded with his space but Tee-Tee has found a way to invade not only his space but his heart. He is forced to care for her and that’s makes him vulnerable to her plans to take him out or so she thinks… Will she go through with killing the man she loves for a bump in her status in the hood or he turn the tables and take out them both? You’ve got to turn the page as I’ve already set the stage for your life to be forever re-arranged… for on this block, the 5900 block, You must respect the way we move. Watch your back though cause the GAME HAS DEFINITELY CHANGED!!

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