Allysha L. Hamber

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Unlovable 2


Dream has gone through the fire. From a childhood of molestation, sexual abuse, being thrown out of the house by her own mother… to being forced out into the streets and pimped out by a malicious pimp. Dream simply figured her life was just doomed to be as it was. She relented to the cards she was dealt and she survived the best way she knew how. She thought she could handle it but soon after having her baby stolen from her at the hands of a scheming madam, Dream decides she can’t take no more. She decides to try and end her life to relive herself of all the pain.

 When the suicide attempt failed, a Violent Crimes Detective, Garvonni Williams, enters her life and totally shakes up her world. After chasing her as a murder suspect, he finds himself not only intrigued by her but wanting her. He gives her thought and feelings she’s never imagined nor experienced, not voluntarily anyway. His heart aches for Dream and he has an overwhelming need to save her. But loving someone who survives by way of a working girl, isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re supposed to seeking her for a homicide.


He fights within himself , battling the need of his career against the wanting of of his heart. But by the time he has the opportunity and time to explain how he feels about her, it may be too late. Dream has been pushed beyond her patience and is ready to seek revenge. Can the Detective lead her to redemption or will someone lose their life?

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