Allysha L. Hamber

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Unlovable 3


Dream has been through hell and just when she thoughts life couldn’t deal her another fatal blow. Now wanted and on the run for Murder for killing the man who stole her childhood away form her, time seems to continuously deal her one fatal blow after another. At a point when all hope seems to be lost, Dream finds solace in the hope that she will one day see her baby girl again after she stolen from her by the Madam Dream once considered a friend. But when the Madam refuses to give her the information she seeks, Dream sets out on a plot of revenge. As she has the Madam at gunpoint, police arrive and Dream now finds herself behind bars awaiting trial. Feeling hopeless and alone, Dream relies on a connection with a man she forbidden to care for.

Detective Garvonni Williams has placed his career on the line, falling for the very murder suspect the law says he must bring to justice. Dream has touched his heart in a way the law could never understand and Garvonni is in jeopardy of losing the highly decorated career he worked so hard to attain. Demons from his past tie him heavily to Dream in the present and fuels him to be a major part of her future. Lines have been crossed, boundaries broken and a man left dead in a whore house. Under suspension, Garvonni focuses all his energy of trying to help Dream. Can he provide the help she needs to give her a chance at trial so she won’t have to spend the rest of her life behind bars or will his demons and the flack from the law enforcement community get in the way, causing Dream to slip through the cracks?

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