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Allysha L. Hamber was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Allysha is an established Author, whose inaugural book, has sold out on the East coast.  Allysha’s self-published, debut novel, “Keep It On The Down Low, No One Has To Know,” is still rising to the top of the Urban Street charts.  She now has eight more novels under her belt. “What’s Done in the Dark,” “The NorthSide Clique,” “Mimika Avenue 1 & 2,” "Vashon High," and the latest, “Unlovable Part 1, 2 & 3,” the semi-biographical novel which tells the graphic details of abuse, molestation and teenage prostitution.

At the age of sixteen, Allysha found herself living on the streets of St. Louis and eventually forced into teenage street life. Yet, Allysha managed to still get an education in the St. Louis Public School System. Graduating on the Dean’s Honor Roll from Brown Mackie College in Salina, KS with an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology, Allysha thought she was finally past the negative era in her life. At the age of twenty-six, Allysha found herself in custody in the Federal Prison System. It was inside the solitude of the institution, that Allysha began sharing her past of emotional, physical and sexual abuse with the women of the institution. It was her fellow inmates that both encouraged and inspired Allysha to share her testimony with the world through writing. 

Allysha began writing programs and plays of both raw and uncut abuse stories for her fellow inmates to perform.  The reviews were so intense and demanding, in 2002, the Camp Administrator authorized Allysha and an inmate production crew to perform a play for the Warden, staff and their families and outside guests, the first in the facility’s history. In 2002, she began writing her first, now published novel, “Keep It On The Down Low.” 

Vocalizing both raw and potent talent, Allysha has continued to use her real life struggles as the motivation to fuel her fire for success.  Released from prison in 2004, Allysha released, “Keep It On the Down Low” and now has nine self published novels.  She is currently working in the administrative field and the CEO of BAMM Management (Books and Music Merging Together To Make A Difference, One Beat, One Novel At A Time), her own urban relations firm. 

Ms. Hamber is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Allysha has become a voice to abused women across the Metropolitan Area.  She has appeared on St. Louis TV 10, featured in the St. Louis American along with several magazines and radio interviews. Allysha has begun a tour of several public speaking engagements at The St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis Job Corps, Department of Corrections, St. Louis Juvenile Justice Center, St. Louis Public Schools, Domestic Violence Shelters and Drug Rehabilitation Centers.

With an continuous ear to the street and the vision to use the past as a roadway to the future, Allysha brings a voice to a multi-generational group of women that no longer can be ignored, turning helpless to hope, molestation to mercy, violation to vision, suffering to success and pain to promise.




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A look inside the Federal Prison system like no other... Follow three women's journey to survive their prison sentences without losing more than they've already lost on the outside. In an effort to maintain, they must do whatever they have to do...and only the strong will survive.

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